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May 04, 2016 · Set elements = HTML.getElementsByClassName("list-group-item") For Each element In elements If element.className = "list-group-item" Then Sheets("Sheet2").Range("B" & y).Value = element.innerText y = y + 1 End If Next element End Sub.

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The following example creates a new hyperlink for cell E5. VBA Loop through recordset. vba loop through files in folder. excel vba determine number of elements in a 1D array. excel vba determine number of elements in a 2D array. vba remove first 2 characters from string. excel vba check if directory exists. excelvba check for directory. xlvba .... getElementsByClassName returns an array and to reference the first array element you would use getElementsByClassName ("apples") (0).innerText. However, your HTML shows that "apples" is an id, not a class name, so you should use: VBA Code: Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(1, 1).Value = IE.document.getElementById("apples").innerText.

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Examples to Implement JavaScript Get Element by Class. Below are the examples of JavaScript Get Element by Class: Example #1. Document scope with a single class. Let us see how we can use this method for all the elements of DOM for a single class with the help of an example: Code:.

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The available memory depends on your system. Common data types include Integer, long Integer and Byte. An interesting bit of information for you - if you're into programming details - integer data types are automatically converted to long integers by VBA. Array Length; The Array.Length property gives the number of elements that the array.

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